Hosted IMIGIT Document Management System is based on the physical storage methodology:

  • Human Resource Cabinet (Example)
  • Accounts Payable Cabinet (Example)
  • Accounts Receivable Cabinet (Example)


  • Stores millions of pages on-line
  • Documents can be permanently archived to removable disks, DVDs or CDs with search and viewing application identical in capability to that of Hosted IMIGIT

Scan / Print / Email

  • Provides instant access to any document, report, or page
  • COLD module allows documents to be captured and indexed electronically, directly from other software programs
  • Images can be printed, faxed, or emailed directly from the imaging system
  • Utilizes barcodes to automatically match and file signed paper deliver documents with the original electronic copy


  • Installation, training, and support all come from one company
  • POH Integrated Solutions has been in business for more than 36 years
  • There are currently more than 5,000 sites running the imaging software
  • The software is continually updated and enhanced

Search Function

  • Free form indexes provide great flexibility for search and retrieval
  • Provides powerful search algorithms, including Boolean and wildcard characters


  • Documents can be accessed 24x7 using the Internet by authorized employees or customers
  • Imaging server is independent from the application servers
  • Works with virtually any Windows, Linux, or UNIX accounting software
  • Improves employee productivity through instant access to information
  • Reduces paper storage requirements by as much as 80%
  • Reduces upfront hardware and software costs
  • No special software to install, so it can be accessed from any internet ready computer
  • Highly scalable
picture description
Example Screen
  • Stores millions of pages on-line
  • Documents can be permanently archived to removable disks, DVDs or CDs
Example of Hosted IMIGIT Search
  1. Folder search
  2. Document type selection
  3. Document search
  1. Display of applicable list of matching references
  2. Click of Magnifying Glass
  3. Display of document

Secure Online Access

Don’t get stuck without that vital file just because you’re on the road or out of the office. Hosted IMIGIT is a web- based application which allows users the ability to access your documents wherever and whenever you want. Hosted IMIGIT uses a cloud-based data storage system to secure and store documents. By utilizing a cloud-based storage, companies using Hosted IMIGIT can save precious data space on their current server and save on costly maintenance. All updates of Hosted IMIGIT are uploaded to the cloud.


Secure Access

Hosted IMIGIT allows your company to know that your data is safe and that documents can only be access by authorized individuals. With Hosted IMIGIT key personnel can assign “permission” to individuals or groups to allow access to folders to create, read or edit documents. Hosted IMIGIT allows a company’s individual departments to have certain administrative rights. All accesses to Hosted IMIGIT are encrypted with SSL.


Configuration & Branding

Make Hosted IMIGIT your own by customizing the web user interface with your organizations branding. Users will appreciate the customizable dashboard where they can research documents which save your firm time and money.


Scanning and Capture

There are no limits to the number of scanners that can be attached to Hosted IMIGIT. There are no licensing fees for different scanners. The primary requirement is that the scanner supports ISIS drivers. Scanned documents are populated directly into Hosted IMIGIT. The user can index documents into folders which are stored in a specific cabinet on Hosted IMIGIT. Scanned documents scanned in to Hosted IMIGIT can capture barcodes and other OCR’d content. Hosted IMIGIT will reduce your paper storage and streamline business process with workflow.


Cold Capture

Hosted IMIGIT will capture your Computer Output to Laser Disc (COLD) Data. COLD is one of the most important features of any imaging system, yet it is perhaps the least known. Here is how it works. Hosted IMIGIT uses COLD to automatically capture documents that are generated by your own computer system. It is this technology that makes the imaging server look like a standard Windows printer to the other computers on the network. This means that any print job that can be sent to a network printer can be sent directly to the imaging server without any manual scanning or indexing. Hosted IMIGIT uses COLD technology to automatically index standard documents like invoices. Through the usage of the COLD “template,” searchable indexes are automatically parsed and updated or used to create an ASCII file to be imported to a 3rd party application.



One of the key features of Hosted IMIGIT is its powerful indexing tools. Unlike many other imaging solutions, Hosted IMIGIT does not require an external database. Everything needed is contained in Hosted IMIGIT.

The indexing structure in Hosted IMIGIT is very flexible. All indexes are "free-form" indexes, meaning there is no fixed structure or pattern that must be followed. Each folder, each document and even each page can be indexed in any way that might be useful. Hosted IMIGIT indexing feature allows the users to add as much or as little information as desired. This flexibility also lets you add, change, or delete index information on the fly. With a traditional database, it often requires a programmer to set up a new index field. As soon as the addition, correction, or deletion has been made, it is immediately available to all other users.


Search Feature

Hosted IMIGIT has very powerful search tools based on multiple search criteria. The search fields include folder level indexes and creation dates, document level indexes and creation dates, page level indexes and page level text searches. These search criteria can be used one at a time or in any combination. Boolean searches using “and”, “or”, and “not” are supported and wildcards may be used. In addition, a fuzzy or inexact search feature helps locate items that are similar to, but not an exact match to the search criteria.


Printing & Email

Any image within Hosted IMIGIT can be sent to any device enabled on Windows. The printer may be located in the same office or in a different office entirely, as long as it is on the same network. Any image in the system can be sent out as a PDF attachment to an e-mail through Hosted IMIGIT. Hosted IMIGIT currently supports Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.


Signature Capture

Hosted IMIGIT signature capture provides tools for the capture of delivery documents signed by the customer by matching up the scanned signed copy with the original electronic copy. This process eliminates the question of whether or not the customer received the goods as part of the Accounts Receivable collection process, with minimal data entry. In addition, it also provides the ability to identify deliver documents without customer acceptance.