Continuity of Operations – COOP

Continuity of Operations has always been a major focus of POH Integrated Solutions. Federal Emergency Management emphasis on COOP places additional prominence on the need for redundant copies of vital documents.

COOP plans stress the critical demand to not only backup electronic information, but also assure that there is not just one unprotected paper copy of critical intelligence.

POH Integrated Solutions has been converting data for small to large corporations, municipalities and universities.

Our services include:

  • Consulting
  • Onsite or offsite Document Conversion
  • Integration with Operational Systems
  • Online Backup
  • Offsite Storage
  • Rapid Recovery

We provide direct client services to create solutions that best fit your firms’ needs and to establish a Continuity of Operations Plan that prepares your firm for any emergency.

Contingency Planning & Disaster Recovery

Since natural disasters like the Japan tsunami which impacted both Hawaii and the West Coast, the importance of Contingency Planning and Disaster-Recovery has come to the forefront of executives. Although natural disasters may not occur everyday, vital information can be lost in manifold ways:

  • Misfiled and Lost Documents
  • Inadvertently Destroyed and Deleted Files
  • Building Fires
  • Water Damage
  • Employee Intentional Destruction
  • Industrial Espionage

Paper vs. Electronics

Although Contingency Planning has focused on information that exists in electronic form, paper-based data is equally important. The Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed (August, 2002) Business Continuity rules that include: "Each plan, must at a minimum, address: (1) Data back-up and recovery (hard copy and electronic)."

A major fire at the Duchess Anna Amalia Library in Weimar, Germany on September 3, 2004 destroyed 25,000 books and damaged an additional 40,000 volumes. Although a portion of the information was no doubt duplicated elsewhere, this tragedy highlights the importance of Disaster-Recovery backup for valuable documents.

Have you estimated the value of your documents?

Mobil Oil's Records Destroyed in Facility Fire

Case: Mobil Oil Corporation v. Grinnell Corporation and Diversified Information Technologies Inc.,
No. 190-C-1999; 2953-C-1999*

Date: 01-17-2003

Verdict: $20,750,653.00

A fire engulfed Diversified Information Technologies Inc.'s document storage facility in West Patterson, Pa. destroying 800,000 boxes of corporate records. Plaintiff Mobil Oil Corp. claimed that part of the sprinkler system in the facility was on and part of it was off. Mobil Oil contended that Grinnell Corp. of Exeter, N.H., had designed and installed the sprinkler system. Mobile Oil claimed that the sprinkler system did not emit enough water to put out a fire, emitted water too slowly to put out a fire and was improperly configured.

Mobil Oil sued Diversified and Grinnell, alleging that both were negligent in failing to have the system fully functioning and sued Grinnell alleging that it followed the wrong NFPA standard and accordingly, defectively designed the system.

Verdict Information:

The jury found both Grinnell and Diversified negligent. It found that Grinnell's sprinkler system was a defective product and awarded Mobil $20,750,653 in damages. The jury decided that the sprinkler was defective in that in did not emit enough water to put out a fire, emitted water too slowly to put out a fire and was improperly configured. On the negligence claim Grinnell was found 40% liable and Diversified was found 60%. The jury amount included $8,981,441 for the value of the 67,000 boxes of Mobil's documents destroyed in the fire as well as $7,406,558 for lost tax deductions and $1,347,654 for lost UST remediation reimbursements because supporting documentation was destroyed in the fire. The jury also awarded $3,015,000 for a marine technical library and ship drawings that were destroyed in the fire.

POH Integrated Solutions has been creating backup copies of essential information. For 15+ years, we have converted digital images of documents. We can help you manage "source" documents in paper, printed, graphic, blueprint and photographic media. Our specialties include:

  • Systems design and development
  • Offsite Conversions
  • Integration with operational systems
  • Web-based document management
  • Redundant storage of client vital records

Document Hosting Services

Document Hosting services from POH includes setup and cost-effective implementation, allowing scanning and indexing of physical documents as well as documents captured from Microsoft Word, Excel, email or 3rd party business applications. In addition, we provide back file scanning and conversion services from other imaging implementations, including microfilm and microfiche.

The scan module will enable usage of a template manager to minimize efforts associated with document identification and subsequent indexing. The capture process associated with 3rd party applications requires no manual intervention upon completion of the setup process. The capture from Microsoft Word, Excel and email applications will require manual indexing.

The template manager utilizes zones to perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to perform automation of indexing and document identification.

Each document hosting solution is customized to meet a client’s specific needs for an online web document hosting application. Only users with approved access to the information are able to search and retrieve information by use of identification logins and passwords. All transmission to and from our online web-based document hosting application and management servers, employs Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

Web based Document Management System options:

  • POH Integrated Solutions can scan, index and upload both back file and ongoing documents.
  • Clients can also do their own scanning, indexing and archive to Web based hosted servers. This approach allows us to convert back file documents while allowing you the client, to proceed with ongoing work.
  • Clients can scan data and transmit to us via e-mail, FTP, CD/DVD, or thumb drive. We can then index and upload the documents.

The POH solution provides backup, security, software upgrades, systems and database administration, hardware support and training.

Web based access to the document hosting and management system is available anywhere from a secure Internet connection.

For those companies anxious to initiate an Internet oriented document management project, a system can rapidly be implemented. A "pilot system" can be created and demonstrated within a few days. Utilizing the results of the pilot, a system can be customized and installed in a matter of weeks.

We can install a similar system within your company's Intranet.

Document Imaging for the Construction Industry

The myriad of documents needed in Construction Projects lend themselves to document imaging in order to reduce space and retain documentation for permits, audits and legal requirements.

POH Integrated Solutions has a variety of scanners necessary for wide format document scanning projects that can scan documents from 3”x 5” up to 42” wide with unlimited length. All scanners capture information in Black and White, Grayscale and Color.

Document imaging can be done at the worksite, client offices or POH facility in Honolulu, HI. Each page or document is identified with appropriate index information such as Drawing Number and Revision, Project Number, Date, Supplier/Subcontractor Name & Number, Employee Number, etc.

Output is typically in Adobe PDF format, but we can generate digital image files in other popular formats. We can deliver the electronic images via CDs, DVDs, Memory Sticks, External Disk Drives or securely transmit them via FTP or VPN connections.

Document Management for Multiple Industries

Our ability to deliver document management services for a wide variety of clients, applications and formats has proven itself successful for over 15 years.

We have converted hundreds of millions of documents from paper, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, books, slides, transparencies, and architectural / engineering drawings.

We focus on:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Contracts
  • Copyrights & Royalties
  • Case Report Files CRFs
  • Claims
  • Credit Files
  • Engineering Reports & Drawings
  • Financial Derivatives
  • Human Resource Files
  • Laboratory Reports & Notebooks
  • Litigation
  • Loans & Mortgages
  • Material Data Safety Sheets – MSDS
  • Medical Records Management
  • New Drug Applications - NDA
  • Public Filings
  • Publications
  • Quality Control
  • Rare Documents
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Files
  • Signature Cards
  • Student Records
  • Surveys
  • Technical Reports
  • Transcripts
  • Trust Files

Legal Document Scanning

Litigation Scanning & Support Services

POH Integrated Solutions is a client-centric document imaging and scanning company, responding immediately to urgent requirements. We can scale-up as needed, for any required document volume.

POH provides experienced professional legal scanning services for law firms, in-house counsel and governmental agencies.

We provide legal document scanning, indexing and Bates numbering services onsite at your offices, your client’s office or at our document conversion facility.

Legal Scanning at POH

At our Honolulu facility, access to documents in our possession is tightly controlled. We operate in a 24-hour security monitored building with strict entry requirements and 24/7 video monitoring. POH Integrated Solutions facility is based in downtown Honolulu.

Document Retrieval Requests

Only authorized client staff may request documents, which are handled in accordance with pre-established retrieval methods. Depending upon where the specific document lies within the process, electronic images can be immediately transmitted to the requestor. The document can be scanned and transmitted or the original might be photocopied and sent back in physical form. If it’s necessary to have the document returned for scanning, we track removal and due dates along with the requestor’s information.

Project Turnaround

We offer fast and secure turnaround of your legal documents. Authorized access to hosted client documents is closely controlled to insure secure access to multiple attorneys and/or multiple law firms. Legal scanning may involve capturing a variety of media, including paper or engineering drawings. Files are available for prompt retrieval wherever they are being converted.


Confidentiality of legal records is paramount to our operation. All new POH employees pass rigorous background and drug tests, including temporary workers. We conform to client confidentiality agreements.

Document Conversion Services for Colleges & Universities

Paper Document Conversion

POH Integrated Solutions has been providing colleges and universities with document conversion services, converting paper records to electronic images and micrographic formats, for the past 20 years. Universities have trusted our document services for conversion of original paper documents for several important reasons:

  • Security - Digital files, as well as their micrographic counterparts, are easily duplicated for offsite storage and backup. The possibility of loss due to fire, water damage or malicious intervention is eliminated.
  • Responsiveness - In today's digital environment, requests from students, alumni, employers, etc. can be almost instantaneous. Copies can be sent as PDF files or immediately printed on secure paper stock.
  • Manpower Reduction - Search time is dramatically reduced and re-filing is eliminated. The possibility of misfiling upon re-filing assures an archive of higher integrity.
  • Space Savings - The areas needed for file cabinets and their associated aisle space necessary for paper-based systems can be recovered for more efficient use.

These benefits of our document conversion services apply not only to Transcripts, but equally to Admissions, Student Billing and Financial Aid records.

Student Transcripts

Requests for copies of student transcripts are a never-ending task that every registrar must meet promptly and accurately. We have digitized transcripts that date back to the 1920's. Indexing is performed with strict attention to Personally Identifiable Information (PII), particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Among the media we converted for colleges and universities were:

  • Cardstock
  • Oversize sheets
  • Tissue and Vellum pages
  • Bound books


A wide variety of collections can be archived and preserved through digitization and specialized document scanning services. Typical examples include:

  • Rare Books and Folios
  • Unique Local Community Records
  • Special Collections
  • University Catalogs
  • News Clipping Files

Human Resource Files

Faculty and Employee HR, Benefit and Medical Files require lengthy retention and reflect precisely the same needs as student records.

Alumni Donor / Development Office

The complex records maintained for support of institutions require frequent access by staff and volunteers. Paper documentation to complement the digital database is essential. As is the case for other departments, the benefits of electronically maintaining the files in image format can be enormous.

Sponsored Research

Grant Requests, Approvals and Reporting are an important component of many institutions. A digital system allows more discrete analysis and monitoring.

Legal Files

Many Universities have accumulated extensive records involving potential and actual litigation in addition to usual contractual files.

Property and Risk Management

Records relating to buildings, dormitories, rental properties and other physical assets are far better protected and accessible.

Digital Conversion

Profitability of Hawaii, Inc.'s (POH) digital conversion services simply converts your physical paper documents into electronic images through our scanning process. Once the documents are digitized, they can be researched and retrieved, distributed, stored and preserved through our IMIGIT™ application, or imported into your existing database. Let POH help you find efficient ways of processing and handling your important documents.

Virtual Print Services (VPS)

Profitability of Hawaii, Inc.’s Virtual Print Services (VPS) takes electronic output provided by existing businesses, financial and other applications or database sources, and provides enhancement and processing without any change or modification to your existing software and hardware. Our VPS solution lets you perform variable printing to improve customer communication and marketing efforts without the hassle of modifying your current software application.